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Welcome! This site is a tribute to my many wedding couples who have created unique and beautiful surroundings for their weddings. Their creativity and ingenuity reflected their personalities and together we have often created new ways to modernize old traditions.

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Christina and Carl Marry with a Happy Ceremony at The Arrowhead Inn in Durham

Christina and Carl live in Korea, where they both teach English, but of course their families do not live there, so they came back stateside to marry here and celebrate with those they hold most dear. And celebrate they did, with such a happy family gathering.

They chose as their setting the wonderful Arrowhead Inn, a cute little Bed and Breakfast in Durham, NC that is a favorite of mine for small, intimate weddings. Not only are the innkeepers, Gloria and Phil, the most charming couple, but they have taken an old manor house and turned it into an oasis of style, grace and unexpected eclectic artwork. You can stay in a rustic log cabin or a cute little cottage, all surrounded by luxurious gardens. With a beautiful wedding pergola sitting in an expanse of lush green lawn in the back, the charm of this little gem is complete.

All of the photos used in this post were generously provided by Christina and Carl’s very talented photographer, Kathleen Pace, owner of Amelya Jayne Photography. I have worked with Kathleen before on weddings and am always impressed with her work. It is easy to see why Christina and Carl chose her - these are the best photos taken at the Arrowhead Inn that I have ever seen and I am so happy to showcase them here. They really catch the charm and style of the place, which totally matches the charm and style and this happy-hearted wedding couple.

Christina’s sister, Jennifer, was our “Director” for the day and helped keep things flowing properly. Her adorable daughter was the Flower Girl Extraodinaire, who was very excited to play a part in her aunt’s wedding. So with a High Five, it was time to get things started.

Christina and the Flower Girl waited on the side...

while Jennifer led Carl and me from the cabin toward the pergola.

Our intrepid little Flower Girl took her placement of the petals along the path so C..A..R..E..F..U..L..L..Y that we all got a chuckle watching it transpire at turtle speed. Each petal had to be placed just so - and some were moved so they would sit in perfection.

I love how Kathleen caught all the smiles on our faces, 

especially the proud parents (in the front below).

Eventually Christina took her hand and they sped up a bit along the path.

They finally made it, with the guests chuckling all the while. You can see here the little Flower Girl had no idea why everyone was laughing.

Notice the little pink bag hanging from Flower Girl’s wrist above - that was the lovely ring bag that matched Christina’s beautiful bouquet. (A bouquet is included in the wedding package offered by the Arrowhead Inn.)

I think their wedding day was one of the hottest in the year - and in this summer of hot, muggy, Florida-style weather, that is saying something! Luckily, the musicians could sit in the shade of the pergola so their instruments could stay in tune…

and Christina had a hankie to help wipe off poor Carl’s face in that heat. Those suits are hot in the summer!

With this happy couple, there were many funny moments in the ceremony. I love it when those happen - they add an intimacy that includes the guests.

 The wedding kiss!

After the ceremony, the musicians and guests moved to the cooling shade of the patio behind the manor house, while Christina and Carl went with Kathleen for photos.

Here are some of their terrific photos, starting with the inside of the cabin (where they stayed).

On the steps of the cabin...

and the front porch of the manor house.

Of course it would not have been their wedding photos without some fun-filled shots - here is one on the back patio, after the guests had gone inside for the reception.

Christina and Carl, I will always be glad you chose to work with me for your wonderful wedding. Your life together is sure to be a fun adventure - this photo says it all. 


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