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HELP - My Florist Doesn’t Like What I Want For My Wedding!

I recently came across an interesting newsletter article about this very topic and thought I would pass along some excellent advice from Samantha, the owner of  Bliss by Sam Weddings and Occasions Planners, a wedding planning agency with offices in Chicago and here in the Triangle. Sam knows a thing or three about all things wedding and I always enjoy reading her newsletters and checking out her perspectives on things.

This question was discussed today in the “Feature Dilemma” section of her most recent newsletter (4/9/13) and is included here in its entirety.

Feature Dilemma

Dilemma: Our florist kept frowning his face every time I showed him a picture of something that I loved and wanted to incorporate into my wedding. I feel like during the consultation he was enthusiastic about my ideas. Now that it's time to finalize them, it's as if he just wants to do whatever he wants and not even listen to us. Should I fire him?

Solution: This sounds like an extremely frustrating situation. You feel like you were a victim of "bait and switch" where he was nice to you just to get the business. But let's pause for a moment. This may not be the case. Before you go off and fire him, take the time to question him in-depth about why he feels your ideas won't work. Think about this:
1. Maybe your wedding is outdoors and the flowers you're requesting might easily wilt
2. Maybe your choices will cause you to have to invest more than you've budgeted or
3. Maybe your floral style clashes with the overall event design/theme that you've chosen
In most cases, we as professionals are just trying to bring our expertise to the table and sometimes the truth may hurt. It sounds like this florist could be a little more tactful in their approach, but if you've asked the hard questions about why they disagree with your vision and receive an unsatisfactory answer, put on your diplomacy hat. If you really want to work with the florist, simply say "I appreciate your input, but this is what we would like. Please tell us what it will take to make this happen." If that doesn't change their 'tude, you might have to re-think continuing to work with them. I hope this helps!
Have you guys had any "run-ins" with any other wedding professionals?
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Following further along in the same vein, I also came upon this interesting article on the website of Flowers in the Forest, an upscale florist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On their Florist Tips page was this very timely article about choosing your wedding florist and it is also included here in its entirety.

Both the photos used today in my blog post come from their Florist Tips page as well.

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Florist

wedding floristIf you are planning a wedding, then you are already discovering the dizzying task of choosing vendors for all the various aspects of a successful event. When it comes to the flowers, it’s probably one of the more notable and important vendors of the entire wedding. Flowers just have this way of setting a tone of beauty and capturing whimsical romance. What little girl hasn’t dreamed of floating down the aisle to marry her prince charming amidst tons of petals dropped by an adorable flower girl? Well, here we will give you a few important tips to help steer you in the right direction so you can choose your flowers and get on with enjoying this wonderful event. 
First, don’t be afraid to ask about the experience the florist has with doing weddings! Any reputable wedding florist will have a portfolio of their work for you to review and draw inspiration. Also, word of mouth is powerful, so be sure and read any online reviews for the florist. 
Secondly, make sure the florist actually specializes in weddings. Many florists will cater more to certain events and although some elements of flower arranging can be similar throughout, you wouldn’t want someone who specializes in casket sprays designing for your wedding! 
Next, sit down for an interview with the florist and let them know your vision, and the design elements you have in mind. A great wedding florist should be able to capture your imagination and let your wedding flowers reflect your personality. There are so many types of flowers to choose from and they all say something different aesthetically. It’s the job of your florist to know all about those options and guide you through that process. This type of interview will give you a good idea very quickly whether or not the florist is right for the job. 
Lastly, check the online reputation of your wedding florist. While you can’t believe everything you read, online reviews are a good way to gauge the overall success of a wedding florist, but keep in mind that many of those reviews tend to only reflect the complainers, so be sure to visit your florist’s website to read testimonials from satisfied customers as well. 
There probably won’t be another day as special as your wedding day, so you want to be sure and find a florist who will not only respect your design ideas, but also your budget concerns. A good florist can work with any budget and make it spectacular. Do your homework, visit several florists personally, ask to see their work, and have fun planning! 
For more information on choosing the perfect flowers for your perfect day, please contact us at Flowers In The Forest or leave your comment below! 
Flowers In the Forest 
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(843) 903-3553
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Thanks to these great wedding professionals for posting their insights that will help you create the wedding flowers of your dreams.


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