Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Eyeglasses

As a female and an eyeglass wearer, finding a link to this blog post about makeup tips for eyeglass wearers was a nice surprise. Many of us can - and will - use this helpful information for our everyday lives but since we usually want to look the most beautiful for those really important times, we will especially use it for our weddings, our special evenings out, our times as Bridesmaids and as Mothers of the Bride and Groom.

Many thanks to Samantha of Bat A Lash! Beauty Blog (sadly, no longer online) for having such a helpful makeup blog to begin with and for this post in particular. The nice photo used here on the left is from her blog post and the text of her post is copied below in its entirety.

(So glad I found this post when I did. Her blog is no longer online but this post is still a very helpful read.)

The floor is all yours, Samantha...


Hey there, champions.

We need to have a chat. A lot of people wear glasses. A lot of people don’t wear makeup when they wear glasses because they don’t see the point. Well, guess what? I can see right through those glasses, and there isn’t any reason you can’t get dolled up. 

One thing that will help you out the most is to choose colors that will make your eyes pop. Generally speaking, I don’t care too much about this “rule” of makeup. I wear whatever I want. However, glasses can sometimes make you appear washed out. Now is the time to implement the tool of flattering colors.

BLUE EYES - Khaki, Brown, Bronze, Copper, Peach, Rust, Gold, Pink, Blue
GREEN EYES - Khaki, Taupe, Gold, Brown, Bronze, Purple, Green
BROWN EYES - Khaki, Brown, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Purple, Pink, Green, Navy
HAZEL EYES - Beige, Brown, Pink, Gold, Purple, Green
GRAY EYES - Khaki, Pink, Silver, Brown, Blue, Purple, Navy, Green


  • Glasses make your eyes look smaller. Focus on avoiding rimming your eyes in black liner, keeping it off the waterline in particular.
  • Keep darker colors near the crease, rather than the lid. This will make your eyes appear wider.
  • Iridescent/shimmery colors will be reflective, bringing more light to your eyes. Highlight that inner corner, baby. 
  • Curl your lashes to avoid having them hitting the frames all day long. 
  • If you want to, add in single false lashes. These will add fullness to your lashes and open your eyes up without too much weight.
  • Conceal, conceal, conceal. Under eyes and inner corner. Powder for staying power.
  • Define those brows! Glasses bring attention to your brows, which can quickly get overpowered by thick frames. Combat this with a bit of a stronger brow.
  • If you use a liquid or cream foundation, be sure to powder. This will help to avoid getting those marks on your inner eye corner if you take your glasses off frequently.
  • Keep your look balanced. Don’t just focus on the eyes. Contour the cheek bones with blush/bronzer, and go for a bolder lip.

WHATCHU USIN’ [in the photo] GURL?

  • MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC20
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20
  • MAC Cream Blush in Posey
  • MUFE HD Powder
  • Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe
  • Maybelline MegaPlush Volum Express mascara in Black
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • MAC Fluidline in Midnight Blues (under bottom lashline)
  • MAC Paintpot in Bare Study
  • MAC Pigment in Golden Lemon
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Amber Lights
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Dark Edge
  • Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette eyeshadow in #38 (bright blue)
  • MAC Lipstick in Lickable
  • Ben Nye Lipliner in some pink color

Now you’re on the right track. Rock those glasses. Go get your best sexy librarian outfit on. You’ll have all kinds of men and women lined up.

Until next time,



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