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TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEDDING MAGIC LET YOUR WEDDING MATCH YOUR STYLE. Chris and Kyle are big Dr. Who fans and the TARDIS was on the guest book canvas that was to be framed after the wedding. (photo by Hannah Woodard Photography)






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Chris and Taylor Become Husband and Wife on a Brilliant Autumn Day at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary

The day was brisk and sunny and everything in nature was sparkling. It was a beautiful backdrop for the happiness in the hearts and on the faces of everyone there - an absolutely perfect day for a wedding!

Taylor and Chris are a great compliment to each other except for one thing - he loves going camping and rock climbing but she would rather be at home, surrounded by her modern life. Over the years they have been together, she has learned to go with the flow for Chris and can now enjoy being out in the glory of nature - but firmly planted on terra firma, please. She brought that up in her vows and everyone laughed. It was a fun moment.

Taylor and Chris chose to marry at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary. The very capable Event Coordinator there is Makeda (“mah-KAY-dah”) Pride and she did a wonderful job of making sure everything was in order for this happy celebration. I love doing weddings at MacGregor Downs because of the feel of the clubhouse and the radiant beauty of the grounds. On this particular day, radiant was the operative word, with the sun shining on the bright green grass of the golf course behind us and bouncing off MacGregor Lake, making the glow of the day even more intense. It was magical.

Makeda told the photographers, Carolyn and Geoff, of Carolyn Scott Photography, about a hidden area of beautiful pink grasses across the green and this resulted in some very special photos. When I first saw these particular photos I thought they must have been Photoshopped, but no, they are the actual photos. So romantic! Kudos to Carolyn and Geoff for their skill and to Makeda for letting them know this marvelous place existed.

By the way, all the photos in this post have been contributed by Carolyn and Geoff. If you would like to see more of their photos from the wedding, here is a link to their blog post about it. Thanks for the use of your photos, Carolyn and Geoff. Your work is totally awesome, as always.

Carolyn and Geoff are a husband and wife team and this particular day was also their first anniversary. I had been the minister for their wedding and it was great to be able to share their anniversary with them. It made for an even more magical day as all of us celebrated two very happy love stories.

Some fun things Taylor and Chris did for their wedding;

One of Taylor’s nephews was Sign Boy and entered with this great sign announcing Taylor’s entrance. He was followed by another nephew who was the Leaf Boy and dispersed leaves down the aisle. Leaf Boy’s red hair really set off those autumn leaves.

Taylor and Chris had also asked if we could do the Chinese Finger Ceremony that represents how couples are meant to be together. I had never seen this done before and was very glad they brought it to my attention.

The Chinese believe that all the fingers on the hand represent our relationships with our families and that they show by their very capabilities how partners in life are meant to remain together;

the thumb represents our parents
the index finger represents our siblings
the middle finger represents ourselves
the ring finger represents our spouse
the pinky finger represents our children

Here is how it works;  you put your palms together, not quite touching, and bend down your middle fingers (that represents yourself) so they are touching at the second knuckle. Then you put all the other finger tips together. You will find that you can separate all the finger tips except your spouse finger because your parents, siblings and children are meant to go from you in their lives. Only your spouse is meant to stay with you and, indeed, you cannot separate your ring fingers from each other when your hands are held this way. I had everyone join in as I was showing them what to do and explaining the symbolism as I went. There was a very powerful shared moment as all the guests came to realize this amazing symbol of love and commitment we each carry in our own hands.

When it came time for the wedding kiss and the recessional, a pair of Canadian geese flew over  the aisle from the lake. Canadian geese mate for life and those geese seemed an apt symbol of the deep and abiding love and commitment Taylor and Chris have for each other. Yes, it truly was a perfect day for a wedding.

 Taylor and Chris, may you always have the glorious life together that your wedding day portends.


UPDATE - 5-17-13 - Taylor and Chris welcomed a beautiful daughter into their lives in December 2012. They are going to be amazing parents! 

For Taylor’s first Mothers Day in 2013, Chris made a sweet video for her as a tribute of his love for her, their daughter and their sweet, sweet family. Here is a link to his video, entitled, My life. I hope you will take the time to watch this short video. It is sure to touch your heart.

I wrote a blog post about it today and you can read it here if you would like.


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barn weddings said...

Adorable, I love that finger sign :D

Rev. Barbara Lodge said...

Thanks! It was a special wedding. Thanks for stopping by - come again any time.