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TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEDDING MAGIC LET YOUR WEDDING MATCH YOUR STYLE. Chris and Kyle are big Dr. Who fans and the TARDIS was on the guest book canvas that was to be framed after the wedding. (photo by Hannah Woodard Photography)






Welcome! This site is a tribute to my many wedding couples who have created unique and beautiful surroundings for their weddings. Their creativity and ingenuity reflected their personalities and together we have often created new ways to modernize old traditions.

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Alyssa and Alex Celebrate Love of Family at Their Wedding in Greystone Inn of Durham

So how do two Ph.D students manage to find time to meet, much less marry? They used the scientific method -! And they do seem excellently matched.

They met in 2006, while they were still in school in Pittsburgh, and have been together ever since. Schooling has taken up most of their time as they worked through their studies at colleges around the nation, so wedding planning had to take a back seat until now.

They chose as their wedding location the stately Greystone Inn and Conference Center. Once the home of the venerable Washington Duke family, it is now owned and lovingly kept by Leslie Brame, who has restored it and furnished it with period pieces. It is fun to walk through the rooms imagining what it must have been like to have lived there.

Alyssa and Alex wisely chose Elana Walker of Savoir Faire - Event Planning and Management as their wedding planner. Because they currently live in California, wedding planning was doubly challenging from so far away and Elana was a very capable go-to person to make sure everything went off as planned. She certainly did a beautiful job of it and I will be looking forward to our working together again.

Alyssa and Alex wanted to have a green wedding and they did everything they could to make it a reality. They used Green Planet Catering of Raleigh because they use crops grown by NC State students as well as other eco-minded local growers. Their motto is “Saving the planet, one plate at a time.”

Alyssa and Alex would not use flowers because of the pesticides so Alyssa made bouquets for she and her Maid of Honor from family heirloom brooches, filled out with other old brooches she had found at yard sales. The bouquets were amazing.

They made their own pomander decorations from recycled paper and used them to good effect at the altar and on the aisle chairs.

Because it was important to Alyssa and Alex that the ceremony be about the work and commitment that sustains a marriage and the love and support of their family, there were a lot of sentimental touches. Their parents and grandparents had set fine examples of love and marriage and the family who were no longer with them were remembered with photos set up along the edges of the front porch of the Inn, where the ceremony took place.

Alyssa was wearing her tributes, not only in the family heirloom bouquet but also in her veil and jewelry;

pearl bracelet - from her Great Aunt, handed down to her Aunt, and borrowed for the wedding
pearl necklace - from Alex’s grandmother
veil - her mother’s wedding veil

She looked like a bride from the 1920s and it all went together beautifully. Her dress, hair and make-up were of that period and it suited her soft, quiet manner perfectly. Greystone Inn was the elegant backdrop that looked like Hollywood casting.

The DJ for the day was Brian Fore of DJ B4. He is shown here on the right and he sure kept things going musically. Also in this photo are Elana and her excellent assistants, Joella, shown on the left and Donnell, standing next to her. It was great working with all of them. Nice job, everyone. Very nice job.

The videographers for the event were the amazing husband and wife team, Philip and Mackenzie Henry of Ink Spot Crow Films. I have worked with them before and can’t wait to see how this video turns out. There are a few videographers whose work I can’t stop watching over and over again when I see it and this is one of them. Excellent work always. .

(Update 10/7/11 - Just got an email from Mackenzie that the wedding highlights video is now online. It is a great video that really catches the personalities of Alyssa and Alex. It is also a perfect example of why it is such an asset to have professional videographers for your wedding. Here is the link, if you would like to check it out. Love those Krispy Kreme hats!)    

Their photographer for the day was Beatrice Yaxley, of Beatrice Yaxley Photography. I have never worked with her before, but judging from her website, she is quite a talent. Looking forward to seeing the photos when they are online.

Alyssa and Alex, I enjoyed meeting you and working with you to create such a charming and heartfelt wedding. I hope your future together is filled with the bounty of nature and all the good things that come from caring about and giving back to the earth.


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