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Welcome! This site is a tribute to my many wedding couples who have created unique and beautiful surroundings for their weddings. Their creativity and ingenuity reflected their personalities and together we have often created new ways to modernize old traditions.

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Allison and Adam Have a Windy Wedding at J C Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, April 2, 2011

It was a beautiful spring day, sparkling and sunny, with a lot of wind. But the wind did not deter our intrepid couple and their guests. The only thing that changed was that Allison decided not to deal with a blowing veil in the wind and left it sitting in a grove of trees for the ceremony, putting it back on later for the reception.

The wedding was held in the newest of the wedding areas at J C Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. Already a beautiful wedding location with some charming wedding gardens, they have recently added an arbor to a huge, bright, grassy lawn that can easily accommodate very large weddings. Allison and Adam were the first couple to marry in the new area and that made it even more special for them.

Here are some photos of the lawn, taken from the side and looking down the aisle toward the arbor. That little Japanese maple tree that stands in front of the arbor is really beautiful.

Their photographer for the day was Mike Phongsa of M P Photography and most of the photos in this post are by him. Thanks, Mike, for the use of your wonderful shots.

Allison and Adam arranged for the Olde South Trolley Company to provide transportation to and from the wedding location and what a fun ride that must have been for everyone. They have added a white trolley to their fleet, especially for weddings and special occasions, and here are Allison and her wedding party riding in the trolley and Allison emerging from it at the Arboretum.

The cheery spring flowers were provided by Fallon’s Flowers and what a great job they did with the aisle and bouquets.

Mike got a photo of Adam’s father, who was also the Best Man, signing the license as a witness.

Before the ceremony began, Allison’s dad got a Skype call on his iPhone from Allison’s grandparents who had not been able to make it to NC for the ceremony. Her dad aimed the phone at Allison so she could talk to them and they could see the beautiful bride, her bridal party and the arboretum. It was very sweet. Then later, during the ceremony, I noticed Allison’s uncle was continuing the Skype communication through the whole ceremony, allowing the grandparents to be there. That was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do that at a wedding and it was just wonderful. That our modern technology can keep us so connected during such a special family time is a real gift. Here’s a photo Mike took of Allison and her dad coming down the aisle and her uncle pointing the phone so the grandparents could see. Very touching.

The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl were Allison’s twin cousins, who were having a grand time of it.

During the ceremony the wind was blowing like crazy but I found out later that the guests could still hear us just fine as well as the violin music, provided by Lindsay Skipper. That is amazing acoustics for such an open, outdoor location. Most impressive.

Here are a few moments during the ceremony when Adam was saying his vows and at the end after they have just kissed. Love the looks on their faces. Great job, Mike.

After the ceremony we all exited to the grove of trees beside the lawn while the guests left to take the trolley to the reception. This is always such a sweet time with family hugging and kissing and I love watching all the interactions and the happy faces.

Allison and Adam, your wedding ceremony was so beautiful because you put your hearts into making it so. I join with your families and friends in wishing you all the grand things that Life is sure to hold in store. May all your dreams come true for you in unique and wonderful ways.


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